STA Elects Conservative Government

The Election is over and Canada has re-elected Justin Trudeau as it’s next leader. The House Of Commons will see a Liberal minority government when it returns. While residents over eighteen rushed to the official polls, roughly one million students from across Canada tried their hand and cast a ballot. On October 15th, students at STA headed to the gym to voice their opinion.

Who Won?

Conservative Candidate, Terence Young, won STA’s Student Vote with 292 votes. The NDP trailed behind with 233 votes. The Liberal’s placed third, securing 196 votes, while the Green Party wasn’t far behind with 155 votes. The Christian Heritage Party and People’s Party were in a tight race for fifth. Ultimately, The Christian Heritage Party earned 40 ballots. People’s Party were one vote behind, receiving 39 altogether. In total, 955 valid ballots were cast.

Read our interview with STA’s winner, Terence Young, by clicking here.

Terence Young

What Were The Results Of The Official Election?

The Liberals won the official election with 157 seats, 13 seats away from earning a majority government. The Conservative’s finished the night with 121 seats. Bloc Quebecois saw a resurgence, drawing in 32 seats. The New Democrat’s fell short of what pollsters were expecting, earning 24 seats, while the Green Party ended election night with 3 seats. The People’s Party did not secure a seat in any riding.

Though the Liberal’s won the election by earning the most seats, the Conservatives won the popular vote, meaning in total, they received more votes than the Liberal’s.

Liberal Candidate, Anita Anand, won in the riding of Oakville. Read Raider Weekly’s Interview with Anand by clicking here.

Anita Anand

What Do The Results Mean For Canada?

The Liberal’s will remain in power, but have been downgraded from a majority to a minority government. Therefore, they will have less of an influence. The Conservatives received more votes this time around, increasing their seat count and remaining the official opposition. The Bloc Quebecois will have much higher presence in government, while the NDP secured enough seats to balance out the House Of Commons.

How Did Students Across Canada Vote?

The winner of the Student Vote was the Liberal Party, winning 110 seats. The NDP came in a close second with 99 seats. Conservatives received 94 seats. The Green Party did remarkably well in comparison to official results, attaining 28 seats. Bloc Quebecois acquired a total of 10 seats.

Shout out to Ms. Camastro, Ms. Bonsu and, Ms. Styka who organized the Student Vote. As well as all the student volunteers who helped out with the event.