Welcome to Healthcare

Healthcare is an incredibly enlightening course that teaches you more about pursuing healthcare as a career. If you are considering medicine as a job in the future, healthcare is a great opportunity to learn and discover whether or not you enjoy the field. 


This is an optional elective in grade ten. However, if you did not take this course in grade ten, you are eligible to take it in grade eleven at a basic level without a prerequisite. 


In content, healthcare covers human anatomy including the major human systems, how to live a healthy life, and explores different careers in the medical field. Not to mention the practical medical skills you learn, such as First aid skills, and how to measure your blood pressure or heart rate with a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. 


Lastly, throughout the elective, you have the opportunity to conduct experiments about health and the function of the human body.

This course is a lot of fun! Hopefully, you have learned about healthcare, and how it can further benefit your future endeavors. Catch you next time!