What’s My Fortune (Installment One)

“Mom, can I get a fortune?” I asked, pointing to the tent on the far side of the fair’s grounds.

“Sure, honey. You go get in line while I pick up your dad and brother from the Tummy Twister, OK?”

“Yup!” I said as I took off in the direction of the tent.

Glancing behind me, I saw Mom helping both my Dad and my brother off the ride.  I made it to the fortune teller’s before the line got too long and there were four people in front of me. I had time to think about what they might say.

Oh, please let me be some kind of lost princess or Queen or Space warrior, I though. I was only eight at the time, so I had no idea what was about to happen.

“NEXT!” someone screeched. Finally, my turn. I still remember the smell of the tent. It was like a perfume bottle exploded. My eyes still tear up at the thought sometimes.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” A small, scratchy voice spoke from the other side of the tent.

“Claudia,” I managed in a quiet voice.

“Come, Claudia. We have much to discuss.”

To be continued next week...