Have you met these sisters?

By Daniel D.

For what is probably the first time ever, aquinas.me is proud to present a duo of sisters as our student profiles.

First, Emma, in Grade 9, was recently involved in an indoor skydiving competition in Warsaw, Poland.

“Basically, we had 35 seconds in the tunnel to get as many points as we could in the chosen formation,” she described.

In the 8 rounds, her team finished first and is moving on to the next competition in Montréal.

“It was really exciting, and it motivates us to continue now that we have come this far,” she said.

She also reported that the team had beaten the continental record, and tied the world record for most points during a round of “Randoms,” with 24 points.

Also, Mikaela, in Grade 12, is really involved at STA. She is a chair of the Peace and Justice Club, a school Prefect, and member of the school Book Club, Cross Country Club, and Track team.

“I make sure I setup my priorities first, I manage my time effectively and I know what I want to do,” she said was how she balanced everything out.

Her advice for people who want to get involved is to “go for it, because being involved made [high school] the best it could be. Don’t be scared, find something you are interested in, and aspire toward it.”

She also has won the English award for Grade 11, and the Father J. Fergus Duffy award at the recent academic awards assembly. Whether it’s inside school or outside, it’s always a great thing to get involved in what you love.