• The Scoop on STA Feeder School Dances

    It’s that time of year again! Hordes of eager 7th and 8th graders crowd into the gym to dance the night away. Another STA feeder school dance is upon us! You might be wondering- what is a feeder school dance? Basically, 4

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    Is French Club an exciting place to be? The answer is YES. In STA not many people like French, but how about you look at the activities they offer each Monday after school. In my opinion I thought French club was boring, but

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  • Dare Day Cowards

    This past Tuesday was the annual Dare Day in support of HIV/AIDS awareness. Quad 3 PJ’s had the chance to host the annual event and I was chosen for Period 3 lunch. A selection of dares one could choose from were: red

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  • PJ’S Biannual Coffee House a Success

    For weeks, Quads 3 and 4 of STA’s Peace & Justice Club had been carefully planning all the details of this year’s first Coffee House. On Thursday November 19th, it was time to put it into action. Club members

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  • Oomama: Grandmothers with a Cause!

    On Thursday, November 26th, come join in the annual Oomama Dinner, an African themed meal celebrating grandparents. Hosted by Quad 1 of the STA PJs, proceeds will support Oomama, a branch of the Steven Lewis Foundation. The goal

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  • 20 Questions Avec Mlle. Pernar

    Mlle. Pernar is my French teacher, almost certified scuba instructor, and speaker of many languages. Although not completely new to STA, she is quite an interesting person to get to know. I asked her the following questions so

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  • STA Novice Debaters Emerge Victorious

    It all went down on Saturday October 24th, 2015. The STA Grade 9 Novice Debating team, comprised of eager contenders Saim Irfan, Ibrahim Hasan, Katie Power, and Michael Thomson were up bright and early last Saturday. By 7:30am,

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  • What is the Extended Essay?

    By SamB It’s only November but Extended Essay Season is already upon us. For many people in STA’s IB program the prospect of writing an Extended Essay (or EE) is a daunting idea which many of us would rather not think

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  • Raider’s Football Gets to Work

    The Raider’s football season is off to an exciting start!

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