• Have You Met This Raider? Geena Denno

    This year’s StudCo Female VP, Geena Denno was a busy person, but she still managed to rock her position. Being VP had been a goal of Denno’s since grade nine, so she was ecstatic when she was elected. However, with all of her

    June 21, 2016 • Featured • Views: 248

  • Club catapults beyond bisection toward inclusion

      Pondering geometry may invoke memories of deciphering the true nature of a polygon. The geometry club is not a location to tackle math problems, but it is definitely a safe space for students who ‘come at life from

    May 17, 2016 • Featured • Views: 234

  • A Sad Case of Senioritis

    Watch S. Pilon’s in depth examination of the serious problem of senioritis here at STA.  

    May 17, 2016 • Featured • Views: 228

  • Bye Bye Backpacks

    By Ethan Micallef It would appear that backpacks are not as needed in the classrooms as we thought, and that there is in fact an alternative solution that allows an even easier classroom luxury. The St. Thomas Aquinas year of

    May 17, 2016 • Featured, Student Life • Views: 271

  • Rock on the Lakeshore

    Watch M. Reid’s coverage of this year’s Rock on the Lakeshore concert here at STA.

    May 10, 2016 • Featured • Views: 252

  • No Room at STA

    Watch A. Arabit’s video on the the crowded conditions here at STA.

    May 10, 2016 • Featured • Views: 221

  • The Breakfast Club

    By: Alex Arabit Whether you’re a brain, an athlete, a basket case, or a princess, all STA students are welcome to The Breakfast Club. It’s a club where you get ready for the school day by relaxing with friends and a healthy

    May 6, 2016 • Featured • Views: 284

  • If Stress Burned Calories, We’d all be Supermodels

    By: Clare Rayment Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Lyrics to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, as well as a few of the symptoms of stress and anxiety that many people experience on a daily basis. Anxiety disorders

    May 4, 2016 • Featured • Views: 250

  • Finding family through My Sister’s Keeper

    On Wednesday April 27, the tiny but strong book club met in the library after school to enjoy snacks as well as discuss their latest find: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Few members read the novel, but they did enjoy an

    May 4, 2016 • Featured • Views: 281

  • Quest for the Dress

    The search for the perfect Prom gown has been a timeless quest that thousands of teenage girls have embarked on each year at around this time. And with the exciting event just around the corner on June 3rd, dress shopping for

    May 4, 2016 • Featured • Views: 276